A Special Treat!

The cloak of mystery is beginning to unveil.

Some of you know that I've been asked about Burplaspa Tunnels made by the Don Shasteen Studio. What little I did know was previously reported in an earlier post. Since that time I've been fortunate (or just darn lucky!) to have been in touch with one of Don Shasteen's grandchildren, Charla Fraley. Charla kindly provided a few photos that not only offers a look at Mr. Don Shasteen but also a glimpse of his factory and scope of his offerings. Take a look (and click the photos to enlarge):

Don Shasteen. What a dapper gentleman!

Company truck with person unknown at the Shasteen factory located at Miami and Jay Streets in Toledo, Ohio. Note the panel truck reads in part "Display Signs & Posters; Toys & Novelties"

Don Shasteen in front of his factory. Note the sign proclaiming the studio as manufacturers of "Baby Grand Golf Courses." Miniature golf was a big fad beginning in the 1920s with its popularity lasting into the mid-1930s.

Very special thanks to Charla Fraley for sharing these photos with us!